Becker Fine Stringed Instruments
Becker Fine Stringed Instruments


“Customer Satisfaction is a process that starts with the first impression a customer has of our business and involves every employee.” ~Joe Lacey

Kory Johnson

Kory is our associate. He is a native Iowan and has loved music from early childhood. He attended Graceland University, and subsequently graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Double Bass Performance. He is a meat and potatoes guy with a weakness for everything pie. He is also an avid fan of international cuisine. While he is "a man for all seasons," Kory is at his best during Iowa's colder weather months. He is hoping to grow a green thumb to expand his interests into spring and summer.

Kory's wife Christine, a violinist and teacher, and he share the camaraderie of playing in the Des Moines Symphony. When there, Kory loves playing his bass "Loud and low." He also enjoys evening walks, cooking, and spending time with their two cats.

Kory has been employed at Becker's for eight years. When asked about his experience at Becker's he said, "My work here is compatible with my lifelong passion for music. As a devout Mr. fix it, I enjoy learning the intricacies of instrument repair. I thrive on building relationships with people. I am proud to be associated with Becker's. It is a friendly professional, shop that is truly, fine in every way."

Andrea Masteller

Andrea is our administrative goddess. She joined Becker's in 2004. She is in charge of the database and rental program. Her responsibilities are compatible with her fondness for attention to detail. She holds a degree in marketing from ISU. She enjoys the flexibility and openness in the ever honest and challenging atmosphere that Becker's provides.

Another "perk" that adds sweetness to her work day, is its proximity to the coffeehouse Grounds For Celebration. Her craving for their white truffle caramel latte is ceaseless. In a test to her willpower, she tops it off with whipped cream, on Friday's only. Andrea has "A great spouse Steve, two wonderful children, and an incredible dog, Bongo." She also enjoys reading and school volunteerism.