Becker's offers instrument sales, rentals, and merchandise with parking lot pick up and drop off services. To save time, you are encouraged to call ahead at 515.274.9420, or make an online appointment here, or email

Becker's offers instrument sales, rentals, and merchandise with parking lot pick up and drop off services. To save time, you are encouraged to call ahead at 515.274.9420, or make an online appointment here, or email

Becker Fine Stringed Instruments
Becker Fine Stringed Instruments


“The child must know that he is a miracle, that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been, and until the end of the world there will not be, another child like him.”
~Pablo Casals



(per month rate)

Violin  $22    *   Viola  $27   *   Cello  $45

Flute/Clarinet/Trumpet/Trombone  $27


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Congratulations... your student has shown a desire to play an orchestral or band instrument!

We know you want your player to have the right start. You are hopeful that this is not just another whim. You know that there is a strong correlation between the study of music and high academic achievement. Because education is so important, we want to help you make the grade. We can.

That's why we provide the top rental instruments available in today's market. We have conceived our rental program with the desires of parents, students, and the teaching community in mind. Purchasing an instrument is an investment that entails knowledge and skill. It requires the ability to distinguish the qualities of one instrument from another. This takes time. Thus, at Becker's, we strongly encourage a rental trial for the beginning player.

Your student can be proud of playing our stringed instruments and band instruments, as well as our line of Amadeus flutes, made by the world famous Haynes Flute Co. All our stringed instruments, including rentals, are hand-carved and set up with professional top-grade strings. These are benefits that provide the superior visual and tonal attributes that parents and teachers seek. All cases are covered in sturdy Cordura® and have straps for backpack wear! All rentals include, free of charge, a personal ID tag, music folder, and care and maintenance guide. Stringed instruments include a cushy shoulder pad, rosin, and rock stop as needed.  Band instruments include starter accessories applicable to the instruments.


While renting, you will accrue rental equity that you may use at any time toward the purchase of your rental instrument or an instrument of equal or higher value (excluding fretted instruments and special orders). As a Becker renter, 100% of your first year’s rental, plus 50% of your rental for ALL subsequent months, can be applied toward an instrument purchase. You will never be pressured to commit to a purchase!

For your convenience, our rental reservation form is online! If you have made your instrument choice and would like to rent, then fill out this form.

Many parents do not stop to consider where their rental dollars are best invested if their young person surprises them, stays with the instrument, and the time comes to buy. Our specialized and extensive stringed instrument inventory also includes basses, which, although not available for rent, may be purchased using your rental equity. We also carry Eastman clarinets, trumpets, and trombones, and Haynes' Amadeus flutes. We have exclusively added Haynes’ Amadeus flutes because of their unparalleled excellence!  Our low pricing is as competitive as any available.

We are prepared to help you find an instrument that has all that you could hope for.

 There are other advantages to renting. Rather than depending on your homeowner's insurance, you may choose our OPTIONAL MAINTENANCE FEE. The fee is only $5 per month for a violin, viola, flute, clarinet, trumpet or trombone, or $10 per month for a cello. Once the optional maintenance fee has been paid, a Becker renter never has to worry about additional costs due to accidental damage or theft. 

With the optional maintenance fee, all repair work, except that caused by intentional damage or neglect, is without charge. Broken strings, damaged cases, and bows are included. If needed, a loaner instrument will be provided at no cost.  You may exchange your stringed instrument for one of a larger size at any time. This assures the peace of mind that is especially important when your student is handling an instrument and carrying it outside your home. Considering all of these benefits, making rental payments for a time can constitute money well spent. And, if you decide to purchase an instrument later on, your accrued rental equity can be applied toward ownership of the instrument of your choice (excluding fretted instruments and special orders).

Foremost, we want you and your player to have a positive experience and enjoy the thrill of music-making! When you rent or purchase from Becker's, your satisfaction is our highest goal!

OTHER MATERIALS discounted with rental

We stock a full line of accessories including strings, music stands, rosins, shoulder rests, rock stops, metronomes, and tuners to name a few. We also carry most standard lesson books and CDs. Enjoy a discount on all of these items as part of your rental.


We have proudly earned the reputation of the place for your musical instrument needs by consistently providing quality, service, and value. We are the only shop in Central Iowa with accomplished symphony players on staff. We offer professional, in-store, repair. We look forward to serving you. Experience the Becker difference.

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