Becker Fine Stringed Instruments
Becker Fine Stringed Instruments

Stringed Instrument Repair

“A fine luthier is a musician's best friend, keeping his or her stringed instrument in excellent playing condition for the life of the instrument.”~ R. Kayne

David Pope

Our luthier, defined as a repairer of stringed instruments, is David Pope. David's life work lies in the use of his large and gifted hands. They seem to master all that he touches. He is a talented musician and an artistic and exacting luthier. We call him the pope at Becker's, because he presides over a hungry audience of stringed instruments that await his appearance. For David, nothing is beyond repair. He has worked at his craft for over 30 years.

From his youth, David enjoyed the craftsmanship and perfection of model building and woodworking. Inquisitive, he delighted in taking things apart and reassembling them. As a player of violin and viola, he learned that instrument repair was a necessary and important job skill that incorporated his interests. Consequently, he traveled to New York where he trained in bow and bass work under the discretionary guidance of the late, renowned, Sam Kolstein and in violin restoration with John Rossi.

Like Kolstein, David is not diverted by appearance, position, or status. He does not have a need to create through instrument-making or to collect instruments. Rather, he derives satisfaction in finding solutions to the challenges that a fine instrument can present.

David is a violist and former member of the Quad City Symphony who holds a BME from Augustana College. His lean frame belies his penchant for rich chocolate and decadent cheesecake. He enjoys cooking, travel, and photography.

Known for his keen eye and ear for stringed instrument repair and evaluation, David's work has carried him to Europe and Asia. His dedication, integrity, reasoning powers, and artistic achievement have led others to entrust some our world's greatest instruments, including those of Amati and Stradivari, and fine bows into his caring hands. We are proudly blessed that the pope, our supreme luthier, is a part of our Becker family.