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“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a ‘person’ need to be happy?”~ Albert Einstein

Discover the magic of a violin.  According to Joshua Bell, “When you play a violin piece, you are a storyteller, and you are telling a story.” Just listen to the whole of the Paganini Caprice #24.  It will showcase all the wonder that a violin can make.  Be enchanted by the powerful voice that a little wooden box, in the shape of a violin, can produce!  A violin sings!

The word violin is derived from the Latin word vitula, which means stringed instrument.   Contemporary violins were reputedly fashioned by Andrea Amati in the 1500s. They are intricately made from approximately 70 pieces of, typically spruce and maple, tonewoods. The most valuable violin anywhere today was crafted by Giuseppe Guarneri in 1741.  It is appraised at $18 million.

Many intriguing research reports in recent years have cited “The Mozart Effect®.”  The studies, while inconclusive, point to an expansion of temporal reasoning through the activities of listening to and playing music.  Thomas Jefferson stated that his violin playing helped him to fashion “The Declaration of Independence.”  Albert Einstein was passionate about his violin playing, and Mozart was his favorite composer. He credited his extraordinary level of intelligence and his ability to solve problems and equations to his mastering of his violin.  Today, the top trio of universities in America give high accolades, when considering applicants, to music and the arts.

At Becker’s, we stock a vast inventory in all sizes of new and antique, fully hand-carved, violins from student to professional levels from around the globe.  Remember, that each violin has its own voice; no two sound alike.  Please stop in during our business hours, or call to make an appointment to find an instrument that suits your needs.  We shall gladly send instruments out of our area for trial.  You will find the value, professionalism, and personal customer service that you seek at Becker Fine Stringed Instruments.