Becker Fine Stringed Instruments
Becker Fine Stringed Instruments

Miracle on University Avenue

Have you found yourself in awe every time you hear that a healthy new baby is born? Awe the wonder... the marvel... the sensation of the event. Here at Becker Fine Stringed Instruments on University Avenue in Windsor Heights, we rejoice in a like miracle every back-to-school season.

Each time our door opens and a wide-eyed new player appears, our air is electrified with the expectation, the joy, and the promise of a new young music-maker. As trained musicians, we thrill at the memory of our own first instruments.

Becker's is our baby.

Your visit to our store is a true happening! Here, you can expect the delivery in terms of quality, value, and customer service you anticipate when you rent your child's first instrument. You’ll find Becker’s a miracle on University Avenue with discounted fall rental rates and cookies (sorry, no cigars) handed out in celebration of your player's first-in-a-lifetime event!

Deborah and Michael Becker
Becker Fine Stringed Instruments, LLC

If want to reserve an instrument in advance of your visit or you can't come in please go to our easy and convenient online rental form.

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